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Getting a residence permit

  • Find out which Kreis you belong to
  • Look at the opening hours
  •  I went on a Tuesday morning at 8:00
  • Just went in, picked a number, there were 8 counters and there was no line
  • I told them I want to register and get a permit and gave them my passport
  • I was asked if this is my first time in Switzerland
  • Right away they asked for a flat contract, I told them I live with a friend and gave the address
  • They looked up the address on the computer and asked me to tell the name of the person
  • They asked whether I’m going to work or study
  • I gave them my employment contract
  • I gave them a passport photo (I had to write my name and birth date on the other side)
  • I was asked when I arrived, they didn’t check the date
  • I was also asked for my parents names
  • I was given a form to check that everything is correct
  • In the form I had to add checkmarks that I am not a criminal
  • They made copies of the employment contract and my passport
  • I was given a temporary residence permit that I used to open a bank account later that day
  • The real permit will be mailed to me in 2-3 weeks
  • I was given a form and an envelope to give to my friend to fill out to prove that I really live there, I was told I could also bring it
  • I paid 85 CHF with a credit card, but I could also do it with cash
  • I was in at 8:01 and out at 8:21. So it took exactly 20 minutes

There was a photo booth.

I am an EU citizen.

I filled out the form for my friend, he signed it and mailed.

The next Tuesday I got my permit in mail.

i think you can register online as well.

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